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i went and saw "one night with the king" last night. it was really good. they did a great job for it being the production companies first major film. check and see if it's playing in a theater near you and support it. you won't be disappointed!

work was so hectic today... printing was down... internet was down... and since i'm also the interim IT person until we get a new one you can image my day. it's so hard to keep your cool when you have so many people telling you about a problem you're already aware of and can do nothing about. i was totally at the mercy of ATX and it sucked.

i need to learn more patience, though. i know i can be rude when i get overwhelmed and it isn't fair to those around me. Lord help me with that!

i baked 2 batches of brownies and a ton of cookies tonight. there's a coffeehouse tomorrow night and i volunteered my youth group to handle the food. i had a couple girls over from my youth group to help me so it was a good time to spend with them.

i would be really glad that tomorrow is friday except this weekend is inventory weekend and i'm NOT looking forward to it. who is? i know we have to do it though so i need to just put on a happy face and have a good attitude about it.

so yeah that's about it for now.


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yesterday was my little brother's 17th birthday. it is so weird to think that he's 17. it's crazy. he should still be like 5... lol. he's such a good kid though so i can't complain.

so for dinner last night we went to lancaster to have dinner. we actually ate at the restaurant where my sister kate is a waitress. she served us and it was so funny. it felt a little strange having her serve us and seeing her in that element. she's good, though and i knew she would be. the food wasn't that great but we had fun.

there are signs everywhere talking about the amish shooting in bart township. it happened about 10 minutes from work. it's just so sad. the only peace i could find was knowing those little girls are now in the arms of jesus. it still breaks my heart to know that none of them got to grow up and fall in love and be mothers... they probably all would have been wonderful. we can't understand why these things happen but we know that through it all God is faithful. and He will use this situation to bring people closer to Him. i smile everytime the news gets on and they're like "the amish people forgive the killer. i don't understand." until they come to christ and receive His forgiveness, they won't understand.

anyways... i finally finished my ywam application this morning. i'm actually satisfied with it, too. i think i answered the questions straight from my heart which is what i wanted.

today i have a baby shower to go to. next weekend is my sister-in-law's baby shower! i'm so excited! only 5 more weeks until i'm an AUNT!!! hooray!!! a little baby to cuddle! i can't wait. it's going to be such a fun holiday season with a little baby around.

gotta run!
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change change change

change is good but it's hard. a lot of things are about to change.

so i made a big decision. i'm applying for a YWAM DTS (Discipleship Training School). i'm leaving my job, my family, my friends, my church and i'm going away. my goal is to attend YWAM Denver for their january-may session. i'm so excited it's not even funny and i'm just as scared.

yet somehow i'm at peace about it. i need to do this. it's time for me to spend some quality time developing my relationship with christ. it's so easy to get so busy "doing" that you neglect the "relationship." that's where i'm at. i do so much and don't get me wrong, i love it. but at the same time i know it's not right.

this is the first step in a lot of steps and i understand that. i just know God is going to use this experience to clarify some things in my life.

so please pray for me. pray that i would be at the center of God's will. pray that everything works out the way God wants it to.

there are so many feelings going on inside me right now. it's hard to sort through them all.

God, thank you that you are constant and your love never fails. through my weaknesses you are made strong. where would i be without your love?

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i just dyed my hair. myself.

i haven't done that since i was like 15. it was very liberating.

and it only cost 5 bucks as opposed to the oh at least 100 bucks i usually spend.

and it looks good.

sweetness. i'm feeling good.
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so everyone needs to check out TWLOHA.

i just found out about this organization and i'm really excited about it. i think what they're doing is awesome. so yeah support them!

oh yeah... tomorrow i'll be 24.

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so i'm in baltimore this week for the printwear show. my dad decided he wants to add embroidery to our list of offerings and guess who gets to help run it? me, of course. it's pretty neat though and i'm excited to learn it. i mean we already sell to fire and police who are one of the biggest users of embroidery. so we've got an in with that market already. not to mention all the local business we could get. so we bought a single-head and 6-head machine today. pretty much like buying a car... a very very nice car. :)

it should be fun. plus we're gonna run it out of our old location which means i can get out of the "corporate" scene that i'm finding out i'm not really into. it should be fun to start so we'll see.

i had a killer headache today but i took some advil and i can feel it going away.

i can't believe august is almost over. so much has been going on it's just crazy. i gotta go get ready for dinner. we're eating italian tonight. YUM!

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man i haven't updated in a while! sometimes i just get so caught up reading everyone elses entries that i forget to write my own.

i had a very busy weekend and i am beat. i planned and organized a graduation party for my good friend kasey. that was on saturday and it went really well. on saturday morning a bunch of us went to a state park and played frisbee golf. it was so much fun! i totally stunk but it was still fun. haha...

on sunday i spent 9 hours planning and organizing a birthday party for my friend's 6 year old daughter. it was a carnival theme and she had about 80 guests. it was fun but very tiring.

i really need to just start a party planning business. lol. everyone always asks me to do it anyway! i should start making money from it!

i'm so tired... i can't write anymore.
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it's been a good weekend. kate came home on friday and we had a family night at the house. we got a bushel of crabs for dinner. it was so fun! so we all just hung out and had a good time. kate and i stayed up late looking through bridal magazines and stuff. it's gonna be fun helping her plan the wedding. i'm sure there will be some stress but that's to be expected. still, it's an exciting time and i'm happy i can be a part of it.

on saturday kate, mom, kesh and i went to lunch and then we got pedicures! there's this great new nail salon that opened up and it's beautiful. they must have a dozen pedicure chairs and they give you a massage while your nails are drying. it was awesome! we had fun and it was so nice to get pampered for a bit.

so then we went to barnes and nobles and got kate a wedding organizing book. i think it will help a lot to have it... it just keeps you organized and helps you not forget the little things.

we just hung out at home again last night and ate more crabs. we have some good family friends who just moved back here from florida so they came over. it was nice to see them again and just catch up.

church this morning was awesome. kate and i both shared a little bit about workcamp and i showed the church a slideshow of about 65 pictures from camp. i think the church really enjoyed it. it's always good for them to get to see what the youth are doing and be able to get a flavor for what it's like. we went out to lunch and then i came home and read outside and played with the dogs. bella just got spade so she can't run or jump. it makes it hard because you have to really watch her to make sure doesn't get too crazy. i feel bad cause she doesn't understand. how do you tell a 7 month old puppy to not play? pretty much impossible.

youth group attendance was pretty low tonight. it's been like that for most of the summer. i'm hoping once school starts and things get back into a schedule it'll be better. a few of us went out afterwards which was fun...

i know this entry is kind of boring but too bad!

so i guess i'm done. night!
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i am beat. mom and i walked 4 miles tonight and it was hot... very very hot.

then we went grocery shopping and it's never good to do that when you're starving! lol. we did pretty good though.

i am so glad tomorrow's friday. this week has been forever long. plus KATIE comes home tomorrow! hooray! i'm so excited to have her back. it did go by pretty fast but still... it's been quiet around here without her. now all the fun wedding plans begin!

ok i'm out for now. night!

sometimes life comes at you fast

it's so hard sometimes when people tell about a tough situation in their life that you really can't do anything about. let me explain.

so a few weeks ago i took my youth group to a workcamp in lancaster. while we were there i developed a good relationship with the lady whose house we were working on. she's been out of work for almost a year and she suffers from some illnesses that really drain her of her energy. so since i've been home i've talked to her on the phone a few times and prayed with her over her lack of a job and her health.

so today she emails me and tells me that she just got notified by her mortgage company that she's 30 days behind on her payment and the might make her leave her house. she's obviously very upset because her house finally feels like a home after all the work we did to it. the problem is... i don't know what to do. i don't even know what to tell her.

i just hate feeling like i'm responsible to do something but at the same time knowing i'm not. i take on too much and i know this isn't my burden to carry but i just don't know what to do. she has no family or friends for that matter to help her out. i don't know... this just really sucks.
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