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stupid boys

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why do they have to be so immature sometimes? i'm sorry kate. mark's being a baby and now he's gotten katie upset. she was just talking to some of his friends last nite and he had to go and get all jealous and now he's being a baby. she called him and he hardly gave her the time of day. he's always messing with her emotions and it makes me so angry. gosh he can be moodier than a female sometimes...

sorry i'm not trying to complain, but it's my sister and i hate to see her upset. especially over a guy... grrrr...

ok that's it i guess

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On April 22nd, 2001 03:42 pm (UTC), l2ico commented:
i dont really know much about the situation and the jealousy thing. But uhm definately chicks are the exact same way. I dont know how many times ive been burned like that by a chick it seems like im a magnet for that. Anyways like if i really like a chick and shes 'friendly' then i tend to get jealous. Like my ex girlfriend her 'being friendly' was more like flirting and like it hurt my feelings and she would always whine saying how she cant even talk to other people otherwise i get sad/mad or whateva which it wasnt like that its just the way she goes about doing it so i got to the point where id juts drop it and id just space myself from her until i got over it. Its just like a chick. most the time if somethings bothering them, they dont go and tell the dude 'hey this bothers me when you say/do etc..' they just whine to their friends or hold it inside. when the matter cna quickly be resolved if theyd just talk about it. communication is good. ::smiles:: k i dunno if thats making any sense or whateva i juts felt like typing.
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On April 22nd, 2001 04:13 pm (UTC), susieq replied:
Re: uhm...
no you're exactly right. i find myself getting jealous when girls flirt with my guy friends. weird, huh? i mean, i don't like them like that but i just know how some girls are and i get really overprotective. and yeah, us girls tend to go to our friends with the issue instead of the guy. communication isn't always easy, especially at this age, but it is sooooo important.

it's ok. i don't mind your comments (no matter how long they are). :)

it's all good
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