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stupid boys

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why do they have to be so immature sometimes? i'm sorry kate. mark's being a baby and now he's gotten katie upset. she was just talking to some of his friends last nite and he had to go and get all jealous and now he's being a baby. she called him and he hardly gave her the time of day. he's always messing with her emotions and it makes me so angry. gosh he can be moodier than a female sometimes...

sorry i'm not trying to complain, but it's my sister and i hate to see her upset. especially over a guy... grrrr...

ok that's it i guess

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On April 22nd, 2001 03:18 pm (UTC), susieq commented:
Re: only proves your point
yeah i know. girls can be pretty cruel sometimes, too. i won't say they aren't. :)
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