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lazy sunday afternoons

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wow... so much to write about and so much time. i have absolutely nothing to do today which is just great. i love sunday's.

so let me see if i can recap everything thta's happened... ok so last nite was brent's party. it was fun. there weren't tons of people there which was cool. we stayed till almost 12. so finally we left and i came home and went to bed and the next thing i know is my alarm was going off this morning. i did not want to get up... i was so tired. but i had church. i was a little late though... oops :)

well this morning we had a guest preacher at church. his name is woody woodson and he is so awesome. he comes and visits our church at least once a year. he is hilarious and he tells the best stories. i really enjoy his preaching. since our church is planning on starting our building program soon he taught all about prosperity and how God wants us to be blessed. it was a really powerful sermon. at the end they showed a slide presentation of pictures from the past 14 years of our church. it was great to see how much we've all changed. kate and i cringed at a few photos of ourselves, but we got a good laugh. :)

then after church kate and i went to ruby tuesday's and had lunch and just talked like we usually do. then i took her driving again. (i'm brave, i know). she did much better today. she's still a little too fast on her turns, but she's getting there. i even let her drive home from the school we were practicing at. technically i'm not allowed cause i'm only 18 and the new rule in PA is that you have to be 21 to let someone with a permit drive. but it was only a couple miles, so i figured 'what the heck.' she did pretty good though and we made it home alive. *lol*

ok, so now i'm bored. i think i'm just gonna lay down for a little while.

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