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bleh, i hate subject lines

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well everybody's gone now. we didn't do ANYTHING. oh well. i painted my nails. they look all purdy now. hehe...

i should really get to bed but i won't. why do i torture myself like this? lol... i know i'll regret it in the morning. oh well.

later taters!!!

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silly silly
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some health channel show my mom is watching
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On April 10th, 2001 06:31 am (UTC), susieq commented:
Re: I hate subject lines as well
hi! it's always nice to meet someone new. :) don't worry, we all go through rough times sometimes so it's nice to have friends to come along-side you to just be there. :)

i'll read your thoughts. i love reading and i'm sure i'll be entertained. :)

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