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bleh, i hate subject lines

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well everybody's gone now. we didn't do ANYTHING. oh well. i painted my nails. they look all purdy now. hehe...

i should really get to bed but i won't. why do i torture myself like this? lol... i know i'll regret it in the morning. oh well.

later taters!!!

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silly silly
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some health channel show my mom is watching
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On April 9th, 2001 09:29 pm (UTC), sadflipboi commented:
I hate subject lines as well
Buyt if we all hated subject lines where would we turn to next? Message boxes? Hope you didnt toture yourself too much by stayin up late. Im doin the exact same thing. Im going to look like this in the morning (-_-). Let me intro myself. My name is eman. Im pretty new here and just looking for a friend to respond on my thoughts. *dont seem to have any yet* Im a pretty cool guy. Just havin a rough time at the moment. But the storm will apss ^_^. I kinda see a bit of sun pokin out there *looks over trees*. Ill let you get your sleep now susan. Msg me back if you wanna talk more. We can voice our opinions on each others thoughts sometime. *extends hand in a hearty hello and good bye*
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On April 10th, 2001 06:31 am (UTC), susieq replied:
Re: I hate subject lines as well
hi! it's always nice to meet someone new. :) don't worry, we all go through rough times sometimes so it's nice to have friends to come along-side you to just be there. :)

i'll read your thoughts. i love reading and i'm sure i'll be entertained. :)

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