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wow... i just got back from the concert and it was so much fun. (minus stacie orrico that is). i don't know why but i just didn't really enjoy her part of the concert. she had these 4 back-up dancers and the clothes they wore and the way they danced didn't really thrill me. it reminded me too much of brittany spears. ugh... but i did enjoy rachael lampa. she was very down to earth and humble. she did a great job. she really tore it up out there. go girl! and then... oh baby! plus one came out! i don't care what anyone says, boy band or not... they are some fine looking young men let me tell you. and they know how to put on a show. they held my attention. :) they were just so adorable. me, katie, and lyr stood on our chairs and we had a perfect view of them. kate took a whole bunch of pictures. they just really did a great job. some of the girls in the audience were a little (ok, majorly) out of hand. one girl went so far as to make a poster that said, "will you be my prom date?" HOW PATHETIC IS THAT??? we got a good laugh out of that one. i guess we figured cause it's a christian concert that the people wouldn't be so focused on the guys. we were wrong. but plus one did a really good job of ministering the gospel. they each spoke and gave testimonies and really gave all the glory to God. i found that really awesome and it blessed me. right in the middle of the concert they broke out into "i could sing of your love forever." it was so annointed. one of the guys played the piano, another played the guitar and another played the bongos. and then the 2 other guys sang. just goes to show they may be in a "boy band" but they are talented musicians. i could go on forever, but i'm really tired and i need to go to bed.

bleh, i have so much more to say. we stopped at mcdonalds on the way home cause we were starving and the poor girl that was working there just wanted somebody to talk to. i felt bad for her... needless to say it took us about 15 mins to get our food. oh well...

i need to get off cause katie's bugging me. goodnite.
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