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i realize i haven't posted in here for quite some time... so this will be quick.

so far 2007 has been amazing. i had a blast in chile, panama and costa rica. it still hurts thinking that time in my life is over. i made the most incredible friends and grew so much.

coming home after being away for 5 months was fun, but it didn't take long for things to get back to normal. i had a meltdown about a month after i got home. it was just really hard getting into the routine of work and normal life after being away from it for 5 months.

so let's see... my little sister katie got married a few weeks ago. it was a beautiful day and we had such a good time. she's so happy which makes me happy and i still see her all the time which is wonderful!

so what's next?

i'm going to zambia, africa from september 1st to the 13th. i'm going with a group of people from my community. we're going to a remote village to help start a community center there. it will be a place where villagers can get educated, learn trades and build relationships with one another. i feel privileged to be one of the 12 on the team and i know God is going to do amazing things. i'm so glad God gave me the courage to say "YES" when i was asked to go and i have no doubt it's what i'm supposed to do.

after i get home i'll have a couple weeks with my family in pa before i head back to denver for another school with YWAM. i'll be attending a 3 month school called the "school of worship." i've always been passionate about worship and i love singing and leading people into God's presence so it seems like a good next step. plus i miss all my denver friends and family and can't wait to be with them again!

so that's me for now. other than that i'm still me... learning... growing... changing every day into the woman God wants me to be.

life is a journey full of twists and turns and we can either sit on the sideline or shoot the winning shot. i'm going all the way...

love and peace to all of you.
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