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i've been meaning to update all week but haven't really gotten around to it so here goes...

on saturday my little brother and i went out to run a quick errand and we came upon the scene of an accident. it literally had to have occurred less than 1 minute before we got there. we were the first ones on the scene and it was a single vehicle accident. there was a sports car up on its side in this field off the road. i see 2 people outside the vehicle (obviously ejected) and the girl is trying to get up but can't. so i pull over and run out of my car while dialing 911. i was so worried about what i was gonna see when i climbed up that embankment. the girl was covered in dirt and mud and there was a small amount of blood. she was about 50 feet from the car and her boyfriend (the driver) was about 20 feet on the opposite side of the car. so i reach the girl about the same time as someone who pulled up after me. i just sat with the girl telling her everything was gonna be ok. eventually the paramedics and police showed up and we left. i'm sure they were ok. the girl was complaining about her back hurting. they were so blessed that it wasn't more serious. neither one had their seat belt on... which is DANGEROUS! i hope you all wear your seatbelt!

anyways, that was an exciting way to start the day. then my brother and my friend isaac took em snowboarding up at blue mountain. it's been so warm there so all the snow is from machines. i fell a lot which everyone says happens on your first time so i was expecting it. needless to say i was in a whole lotta pain for the next few days. i used muscles i didn't even know i had! it was crazy. but i'm glad i did it! hopefully the next time won't be as rough.

so now i only have 3 days until i leave for denver! i can't believe it's almost here. i'm so excited to get there and meet everyone. i know this is gonna be a crazy experience that i'm gonna love. i just found out that our outreach choices are brazil and chile. i really wanted to go to south america so i'm stoked about that. now i just need to decide!

oh yeah- and packing for 6 months is so HARD! not to mention i need winter and summer clothes. ahh! it'll get done... it's just a pain.

ok i'm out. sorry this is so long!

have a great night!!!
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