Susan (susieq) wrote,

19 days until i move to colorado. oh man that sounds weird! friday is my last day of work and it's definitely bittersweet. i've spent the last 6 1/2 years of my life there and with my family and now i'm going to denver... ALONE. it's insane what God calls you to do sometimes. i'm so ready for this though. i can't wait to meet new people, deepen my walk with the Lord and serve others. what an amazing experience it's gonna be. ywam denver has no idea what they're in for. haha!

on a side note, my christmas shopping is almost done. i'm having such a hard time shopping for my dad. he's not really a gadget guy and he has such a huge wardrobe already. it can be very frustrating to shop for him. hopefully i'll come up with something here soon cause time is running short!

i'll post a pic of my niece kyra and i from last friday. we had our christmas party for work and kesh brought her in this adorable christmas dress.

here's a picture of me and my beautiful sister katie... who i'm going to miss very very much when i'm away!

ok i really need to go to bed! i have not been doing very well in the sleeping department lately.

i hope you all have a very merry christmas!
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