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i went and saw "one night with the king" last night. it was really…

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i went and saw "one night with the king" last night. it was really good. they did a great job for it being the production companies first major film. check and see if it's playing in a theater near you and support it. you won't be disappointed!

work was so hectic today... printing was down... internet was down... and since i'm also the interim IT person until we get a new one you can image my day. it's so hard to keep your cool when you have so many people telling you about a problem you're already aware of and can do nothing about. i was totally at the mercy of ATX and it sucked.

i need to learn more patience, though. i know i can be rude when i get overwhelmed and it isn't fair to those around me. Lord help me with that!

i baked 2 batches of brownies and a ton of cookies tonight. there's a coffeehouse tomorrow night and i volunteered my youth group to handle the food. i had a couple girls over from my youth group to help me so it was a good time to spend with them.

i would be really glad that tomorrow is friday except this weekend is inventory weekend and i'm NOT looking forward to it. who is? i know we have to do it though so i need to just put on a happy face and have a good attitude about it.

so yeah that's about it for now.

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On October 22nd, 2006 07:42 pm (UTC), saltandluminary commented:
It was a good movie. I liked it as well. I did, however, feel as is they could have done a bit more with the script. I felt left hanging, especially at the part when Esther revealed herself as a Jew. :) Blessings!
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