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yesterday was my little brother's 17th birthday. it is so weird to…

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yesterday was my little brother's 17th birthday. it is so weird to think that he's 17. it's crazy. he should still be like 5... lol. he's such a good kid though so i can't complain.

so for dinner last night we went to lancaster to have dinner. we actually ate at the restaurant where my sister kate is a waitress. she served us and it was so funny. it felt a little strange having her serve us and seeing her in that element. she's good, though and i knew she would be. the food wasn't that great but we had fun.

there are signs everywhere talking about the amish shooting in bart township. it happened about 10 minutes from work. it's just so sad. the only peace i could find was knowing those little girls are now in the arms of jesus. it still breaks my heart to know that none of them got to grow up and fall in love and be mothers... they probably all would have been wonderful. we can't understand why these things happen but we know that through it all God is faithful. and He will use this situation to bring people closer to Him. i smile everytime the news gets on and they're like "the amish people forgive the killer. i don't understand." until they come to christ and receive His forgiveness, they won't understand.

anyways... i finally finished my ywam application this morning. i'm actually satisfied with it, too. i think i answered the questions straight from my heart which is what i wanted.

today i have a baby shower to go to. next weekend is my sister-in-law's baby shower! i'm so excited! only 5 more weeks until i'm an AUNT!!! hooray!!! a little baby to cuddle! i can't wait. it's going to be such a fun holiday season with a little baby around.

gotta run!
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