Susan (susieq) wrote,

so i'm in baltimore this week for the printwear show. my dad decided he wants to add embroidery to our list of offerings and guess who gets to help run it? me, of course. it's pretty neat though and i'm excited to learn it. i mean we already sell to fire and police who are one of the biggest users of embroidery. so we've got an in with that market already. not to mention all the local business we could get. so we bought a single-head and 6-head machine today. pretty much like buying a car... a very very nice car. :)

it should be fun. plus we're gonna run it out of our old location which means i can get out of the "corporate" scene that i'm finding out i'm not really into. it should be fun to start so we'll see.

i had a killer headache today but i took some advil and i can feel it going away.

i can't believe august is almost over. so much has been going on it's just crazy. i gotta go get ready for dinner. we're eating italian tonight. YUM!

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