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i went to the beach this weekend with 5 ladies from my church. they're all married and have kids ranging from 8 weeks old to 11 years old. and there i was... 23... single... no kids. i thought it was going to be awkward but it surprisingly wasn't. i was so blessed by these women. their love for the lord, their husbands and their children spoke volumes to me. i felt like i was glimpsing into a world i have yet to arrive in. eavesdropping on their ups and downs, struggles and fears.

it was so amazing to me because i spend so much time wishing i was where they are and i will be someday. it gave me a renewed appreciation for the freedom that i have as a single woman to do what i please when i please. (within reason of course).

what was so interesting to me was no matter our age difference we all wanted the same thing: to serve God and do His will. i understand why God has me where i am now. there is a purpose and a season for everything. God knows what He is doing and He knows the desires of our heart. He knows that i desire to be a wife and a mother and if it's His will to do it, then it will be done. why should i worry about tomorrow? about next year? about 10 years down the road?

these women are so beautiful and i'm not talking just outer beauty. they are so full of love and compassion. it gave me a thankfulness for my upbringing and for having a mother that loved me the way these women love their children. she gave of herself to meet our demands and our needs. who could ask for more? i only pray that i am half the mother she has been.

i was so touched by their presence and the encouragement they spoke into my life. i only wish more girls my age had women like them to look up to. we all need a mentor, a friend, an example to guide us along the way. without it we'd all be stumbling around and making the same mistakes. in order to lead you must first be willing to be led. that is truly what counts.

so i am blessed and at peace with who i am and who i am becoming. i know the plans God has for me, plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me a hope and a future. (jeremiah 29:11)
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