Susan (susieq) wrote,

so i'm home from workcamp and my little sister katie totally GOT ENGAGED! so exciting! he did it at workcamp, on stage in front of everyone. it was so sweet. declan made a video with pics of kate as a little kid, then pics of him as a little kid, then pics of them together. he had words in between and at the end it said, "so kate i just have on more question to ask" and then boom the spotlight comes on, he walks onstage with roses and gets on one knee. all 500 people in the gym went crazy screaming and cheering. i think she said yes before he even finished asking. lol. the ring is gorgeous and she was so surprise. it was super cute.

both of our families were there which was so neat. so we all had cake and celebrated together. so now we get to plan a wedding. woohoo!

the rest of the week was great. my crew was awesome and we got so many projects done on our resident's house. she was so thankful for everything and it felt so good to just give of our time. i got interviewed by cbs news on friday. i haven't seen it yet so i need to check and see if it's online.

anyways, God is good. i had some ups and downs this week but God was showing me a lot of things... i'm so tired it's not even funny...
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