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ahhh i so need to update! this will be short though because i am very…

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ahhh i so need to update! this will be short though because i am very tired and have no idea why i'm still awake right now.

so creation got cancelled because of all the rain... total bummer. we took all the kids to these log cabins near a lake and we had a good time. went to a water park, went hiking, played some fun games. good times! we had some awesome bible studies with them and it was so neat to see them discovering things in God's word on their own.

so while we were away our town flooded and our church is literally in the center of town. our entire church basement flooded almost 4 feet high and completely destroyed our brand new youth room that just got completed 2 months ago. i bawled when i found out and then again when i saw it on saturday. it's so hard to see something you put so much love into just torn apart again. but alas we will prevail and GOD IS FAITHFUL! so i'm very expectant that HE will do something great through this.

oh and the most exciting news of all- I GOT TO SEE KATIE TODAY! hooray! she's in lancaster now with her work camp crew setting up for camp next week. so lyryn, wit and i went tonight to see her. we helped her setup the stage. it was so much fun and so good to see her. it's been like 6 weeks since i've seen her. so we'll probably go up tomorrow since it's going to rain and then her whole crew is coming to our house for a cookout tomorrow night! that should be fun!!!

i can't believe work camp starts sunday! it's going to be so awesome and i'm so excited that lyryn and i are doing it together. who would have thought? God is so good and He knows the desires of our hearts. i just have a feeling it's going to be an awesome week.

ok i so need to go to bed and forget what i said about this being short...

my little brother is so funny. he's singing kj-52's mountain dew song and it's cracking me up.

ok so time for bed.

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