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well spent saturday

what's up everybody!?!?

i bought a guitar today! yippee! i traded in my other one and did a serious upgrade. it's a larrivee and the sound is awesome. i wasn't really familiar with the brand but when i played it... it was just beautiful. i'm super excited! here's a picture of it:

so that was my morning... 3 hours at sam ash. :) good times.

then kasey, isaac, troy and i went to a free christian music festival. we saw matthew west (who was awesome live). we just missed pocket full of rocks which bums me out cause i really wanted to see them. oh well, creation's almost here and i can see them there. and caedmon's call played, too. it wasn't their best show but i still enjoyed it.

for some odd reason it was very cold tonight and i had flip-flops on so i was freezing!

anyways... i need to go to bed and get some sleep.

peace out!
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