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hanson concert

the hansons were in town last night...

i've told some of you guys my weird connection to hanson- thru my sister-in-law and her family... they've been friends with their family since before they were famous, etc etc. we've met them a couple times in tulsa when we were visiting. well my sister-in-law's family is in town this week and it just so happened that the hanson's had a concert in philly last night so my brother called isaac and he said he would get us tickets and had us come early so we could hang out with them.

i really wanted to go cause i knew their music style has kinda changed and i wanted to hear it, plus they're fun guys to be around. we got at the club at like 3:30 and isaac and my brother were back and forth on the phone cause the guys were late getting to the venue. they finally got there and we got to go inside before anyone else. it was at north star club and it was a really really small place. we sat with them in this little "backstage" area which was actually under the stage. they kept apologizing for how small it was... we didn't care.

then they took us on their tour bus and we hung out in there for a little while. it's a nice bus, but you can see how crowded it gets once you put a bunch of people in it. the couches were super comfortable and being in my state i was thankful for a chance to sit down. zac was so funny- he came on the bus and we were talking about the beds and i was like "so which bunk's yours" and he's like "i get the top!" all excited... it was funny. i was like "why am i not surprised..."? he's a funny kid. tooooooons of energy.

taylor was super chill yesterday. he was just going out of his way to make sure we were having a good time and he's so down to earth. that was the first time i got to meet his wife natalie and she was super nice as well. she brought ezra (their baby) in and we were all watching him play... i wanted to hold him but i couldn't cause i can't lift anything. he is adorable though.

the guys had their sound check and we got to sit in and listen. that was a lot of fun cause they were just having a good time. they sang a lot acapella with the 3 of them during the sound check and i was amazed at how good they were. their voices meshed so well and in that small place it sounded so good. it was like our own little mini concert- very cool.

the guys had to go then and do their little meet-n-greet thing so we just sat around till the concert started. i forget the name of the guy that opened for them, but he was pretty good. my family all stood up in the balcony cause the venue was so small and we figured we'd be out of the way of the crowds up there. they made sure i had a chair up there so i could sit down which was nice. by the time hanson came on i started feeling like crap. a lot of people came up on the balcony and were trying to see, but you couldn't see up there unless you were in the front row (where my whole family was) so people were trying to push through and it was sooooo annoying. i couldn't take it anymore so my parents decided to take me home. all the rest of the fam stayed. i was bummed we missed the rest of the show, but i was in so much pain i just wanted to get to bed.

when everybody came home kate said they went back on the bus after the show and hung out with them for a while. they ordered pizza and stuff. and the guys played mmmbop! declan (kate's bf) asked them before the show if they would and that made his nite. kate said she thought their dad was mad that they played after it was technically over... weird stuff. their dad's nice, but he seems really strict about certain things.

it was a fun night. i felt special getting to hang out with them and go on their bus while lines of girls waited outside the venue just to get a glimpse. they put on a great show and are really really talented. we listened to their little acoustic cd on the way home and it's great. they've definately matured in their music.

so that was it... i think i covered everything. i'm in bed now and i'll probably be here all day. i'm so tired. being out so much yesterday seriously wore me out.

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