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praise the Lord

i'm doing wonderfully! thank you all so much for your prayers and support. it means so much to know that there are people praying for you during a time like this. you are all amazing.

the surgery went great. when i first woke up i was in a lot of pain so they gave me some morphine and it helped almost immediately. i had to stay in recovery for about an hour and that was the worst part cause no one was with me. then i got to go up to my room- lyryn and i got to stay together! how blessed we are! it was so great to be together. she went before me so by the time i got to the room she was pretty alert. it took me a little while but eventually i was awake enough to talk. our friends kate and chrissy came and brought us both roses. they stayed for a while which was so awesome of them.

then my family came! my mom was already there- she stayed all day. my sister bought lyr and i flowers and my dad got me a gorgeous bouquet. my daddy also bought me a gift certificate to victoria's secret! how great is that? my brother and sister-in-law got me a gift certificate to one of my favorite stores at the mall. too sweet! i hadn't eaten anything all day so they gave me a popsicle and i tried drinking some water but it all came back up. they said the anesthesia will do that to you. i hate being nauseaus... ugh. the worst feeling in the world. my friend bethany came and she gave me and lyr foot massages. she's graduating from massage therapy school next week so it was a good massage!

my mom and kate stayed pretty late which was nice. i barely slept last night cause i couldn't get comfortable. it's hard to get comfy when you can barely move and you have to lay on your back. plus the nurses were so loud! lol. i just wanted to be home but i knew we had to wait till this morning.

the doctor came in around 9 this morning and took our bandages off. i got to see them for the first time since the surgery and they look awesome! i thought it would be hard to see, but it wasn't. he did such an amazing job. i love it. i look so much skinnier- it's so great!

and get this- i took no pain medication yesterday or last night. all i had was the morphine right after surgery. the nurses were shocked. to God be all the glory! my prayers were answered. granted i don't feel great, but it's not unbearable like i thought it would be. God is so good to me. lyryn had more pain than me so she took advantage of the morphine. :)

he took about a pound out of each breast. isn't that amazing? i'm just so thankful it's done. now i'm in my room and i've got my tv, my computer and tons of flowers! i'm such a blessed girl. and my doggie! he was happy to see me. i'm starving! mom's making me a salad. i'm gonna devour it. haha

thanks for the comments and well wishes. you guys are the greatest! keep me in your prayers cause it's gonna be a tough week.

thanks for reading this! love you guys!!!
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