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so i'm home from baltimore. i'm so tired and just burnt out right now it isn't even funny. it was nice seeing my brother and his wife (they came to baltimore and worked the show with us) except all they did was kiss and tell each other they loved them and whisper to each other. my God!!!!!! it never stopped! i was getting soooooo sick of it. one of my pet peeves is when couples sit there and whisper to each other while theyr'e with a whole bunch of people. how rude is that! now maybe i just don't understand it but i find it so freaking annoying and depressing to those of us that are still single. ugh.

so anyway.

kate and lyryn are away for the whole week. i'm stuck doing the job of 3 people. wahoo. welcome to the week from hell starting at 9am tomorrow.

i'm on the verge of a breakdown i swear. tonight i was walking through the house and i just got this surge of lonliness and almost started crying. i had to seriously hold myself back. it sucked.

everyone at church complimented my haircut. that was nice...

dangit. i forgot to turn the ac on in my room. i'll go do it now.

goodnite all. pray for me this week... thanks! :)
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