Susan (susieq) wrote,


time for a little update. today has been out_of_control. we've been super busy and just typing and shipping like mad people. don thinks we're psycho. it's all good.

i'm tired... but i'm not. weird. i'm really glad don's here. we get along good and i like it. last nite we had some good bonding time with him, me and kate. it was so much fun. we had dinner and went to the christian bookstore. then we came home and played this game... watched home movies. then i kept don up till 1 talking. haha. i love talking with him and it's so nice to just be able to have real conversation with someone mature and kinda my own age. i dunno. i just really like it. i think i was putting him to sleep last nite. and he's really tired tonite. maybe i'll let him go early tonite. haha. he's a great guy. i'm glad he came. and i hope he'll come back some time. we'll see. ;)

so tonite i think don and kate are going out to get me a christmas present! so lyryn and i are gonna go christmas shopping and then we'll eat dinner all together or something. we haven't done too much exciting stuff but it's fun just spending time together. sometimes i wonder how much fun he's having but then every once in a while he'll say how glad he was he came so i guess that's good. lol.
ok gotta finish my work now! later!
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