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August 21st, 2006

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man i haven't updated in a while! sometimes i just get so caught up reading everyone elses entries that i forget to write my own.

i had a very busy weekend and i am beat. i planned and organized a graduation party for my good friend kasey. that was on saturday and it went really well. on saturday morning a bunch of us went to a state park and played frisbee golf. it was so much fun! i totally stunk but it was still fun. haha...

on sunday i spent 9 hours planning and organizing a birthday party for my friend's 6 year old daughter. it was a carnival theme and she had about 80 guests. it was fun but very tiring.

i really need to just start a party planning business. lol. everyone always asks me to do it anyway! i should start making money from it!

i'm so tired... i can't write anymore.

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