August 6th, 2006

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it's been a good weekend. kate came home on friday and we had a family night at the house. we got a bushel of crabs for dinner. it was so fun! so we all just hung out and had a good time. kate and i stayed up late looking through bridal magazines and stuff. it's gonna be fun helping her plan the wedding. i'm sure there will be some stress but that's to be expected. still, it's an exciting time and i'm happy i can be a part of it.

on saturday kate, mom, kesh and i went to lunch and then we got pedicures! there's this great new nail salon that opened up and it's beautiful. they must have a dozen pedicure chairs and they give you a massage while your nails are drying. it was awesome! we had fun and it was so nice to get pampered for a bit.

so then we went to barnes and nobles and got kate a wedding organizing book. i think it will help a lot to have it... it just keeps you organized and helps you not forget the little things.

we just hung out at home again last night and ate more crabs. we have some good family friends who just moved back here from florida so they came over. it was nice to see them again and just catch up.

church this morning was awesome. kate and i both shared a little bit about workcamp and i showed the church a slideshow of about 65 pictures from camp. i think the church really enjoyed it. it's always good for them to get to see what the youth are doing and be able to get a flavor for what it's like. we went out to lunch and then i came home and read outside and played with the dogs. bella just got spade so she can't run or jump. it makes it hard because you have to really watch her to make sure doesn't get too crazy. i feel bad cause she doesn't understand. how do you tell a 7 month old puppy to not play? pretty much impossible.

youth group attendance was pretty low tonight. it's been like that for most of the summer. i'm hoping once school starts and things get back into a schedule it'll be better. a few of us went out afterwards which was fun...

i know this entry is kind of boring but too bad!

so i guess i'm done. night!