June 22nd, 2006

cheesin it

luau luau

hooray! tomorrow is friday!

it's also aloha day at work. everybody's allowed to wear shorts, flip-flops and hawaiian shirts. plus everyone's bringing in food to eat which is always nice. i have an interviewee coming in tomorrow so i'll probably have to be a little more conservative.

my dad and i decorated the offices tonight. i have a ton of luau stuff from kate's graduation party 3 years ago. it's so festive! i can't wait to see everyone's faces when they come in tomorrow. i don't think anyone was expecting that. i love planning parties! i so wish i could do that for a living...

i'm so excited- CREATION FEST in 5 days! good times! camping, concerts, good friends... what could be better? it's always such a blast and there's a lot of speakers and artists that i'm very anxious to see. i really hope we get a good campsite this year. last year we were right next to the port-o-potties and it didn't always smell so fresh if you know what i mean. if we could get next to some trees and have some shade, that would be superb. odds are we won't but i can hope! i think there's only about 15 of us going this year... we had about 22 last year. i wish more kids were able to come but a lot of them have jobs and things they can't get out of.

i got to talk to kate for a while today. she sounded really tired but she's still doing well. she knew it was going to be tiring to be on staff for reach all summer but it was such an amazing opportunity. only 2 weeks till i get to see her in lampeter! i'm so looking forward to workcamp. i have a feeling this year is going to be even better than last year. with everything i have going on these next few weeks i'm only actually work 7 days out the next 20. it's nice to have so much vacation time. one of the benefits to working at the same place for so long.

ok this post has been long enough. i've got some stuff to do.

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