June 20th, 2006


(no subject)

today was such a loooooooooong day! the trade show was from 9am to 4:30pm but it just seemed to drag. thank God i had Lyryn with me to keep me entertained. :)

we're getting ready to head out to the boardwalk to get some dinner and walk.

gross! there's these kids 2 floors above ours spitting off the balcony. my dad's in the room next to us and he almost got hit. lol. he got so mad but it's so funny cause usually we're the one's spitting off the balcony. haha! too funny. guess you reap what you sow!

a bunch of us went and played mini golf last night after dinner. it was "jungle golf" so it had all these corny animal statues. i did awesome the first 9 holes but it went downhill from there. my brother steve got 2 hole in 1's. it was a pretty cruddy course but that's usually all you get at the beach. i love a nice mini golf place although i appreciate the corny ones as well. it's fun either way i guess... as long as you're with fun people! :)

when we were at the show today there was a lady walking around with her little yorkshire terrier. it made me miss my 3 yorkies at home... she was adorable though. anyways, i can't wait till tomorrow so i can see my pups.

ok lyryn's bugging me to go cause she's hungry so i'm gonna get moving.

have a great night!!!