June 18th, 2006


lord i'm amazed by you

ahhhh i love the beach! it doesn't get any better than gazing out into the endless blue! well i suppose it could be better if i was in the caribbean rather than maryland but i'll take what i can get. :)

our show setup went pretty smooth today. we got done early so my mom and brothers and i took a stroll on the beach and then got strawberry daiquiris. yum!

we're going out to a nice restaurant tonight right on the bay. they make great food and the atmosphere is very peaceful so i'm looking forward to it. the only thing missing is my dear sister kate. i got to talk to her for a while today. she's having such a good time and i'm so happy for her. she's making awesome new friends and i know she's touching lives.

well i better head inside and get myself ready for dinner. i'm all sandy from my walk on the beach.

hope everyone has a good night and remember God loves you!!!
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    just the sound of the ocean