June 13th, 2006


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today was a very long day. i think it started that way because i didn't get much sleep. it was a gorgeous day outside though so that helped.

work was very slow and that always makes the day drag longer. i came home on my lunch break and just played with the dogs. it was so beautiful outside and i felt bad that they were cooped up inside. they very much enjoyed it, as did i. it was very relaxing. i watered the garden... mom will be very happy when she comes home from her trip and finds her flowers still alive! i've been much better about that this year. i'm not much of a green thumb and my mom is so needless to say blooming gardens=happy mom.

so yeah... bible study was good tonight. we were missing a few people but it still went well. i'm so blessed to have the friends i have. they're a good group.

i really should go practice my guitar but i'm so tired and i just don't know if i can do it tonight.

alright i'm out!