June 7th, 2006

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wow i am so terrible about updating lately. i used to be so attached to my lj...

can't believe it's summer already. there's so many things going on i almost feel like it's over. creation fest in just a couple weeks and then after that, workcamp! and i'll get to see my sister! kate's been away since may 19th working for reach workcamps all summer but thankfully she's working at the camp i'm taking our youth group to. it's weird not having her around. i'm so used to being with her. it's good though for her to be able to do this. i'll admit it's hard not to be jealous but God knows my heart.

work is going well i guess. i'm probably going to be shifting from customer service back to the web department. the past year has been extremely challenging for me. going from managing yourself to 12 people is a major shift. i'm thankful for the opportunity and the things i've learned but i know i need to be in a position where i can easily "get out." i've been praying really hard this year about what God wants me to do. i know i'm being called out of thefirestore but i don't know to where. of course i'd love to do full time youth ministry but up to this point He hasn't made that a possibility. i even looked into YWAM orlando and i'm still considering it. i dunno... so many things i want to do and i don't want to miss out on anything.

through it all though God's love still remains constant and that's what's important. i'm learning to rely on that like never before...