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August 2nd, 2004

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i hope you had a great day! i miss you and i love you bud! blessings!

GOD IS SO AWESOME!!!!!! the past 2 nights at our church we've had youth meetings with the youth from our church and God is just showing up. the kids in our church really have no concept of God and how he wants to work in their lives. the past 2 nights though they're starting to hear and understand. i can see them bonding as a group.

we've done a bunch of crazy team building games with the kids and they're having so much fun. it's just great to be able to speak into young people's lives. i really hope they leave different. tomorrow's our last night and i know God is gonna do something even bigger! if you think of it, pray for us!

i gotta get some sleep! love you guys!
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