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February 15th, 2004

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hey all-

my mom's doing great. she's still in the hospital and they still don't know what caused the stroke but her spirits are way up. she has 1 more test tomorrow to see if one of her arteries is corroted (sp?). if it is then that's probably what caused it and they can fix that pretty easily. it's weird though cause my mom is super healthy and in good shape and she doesn't even have high cholesterol. but the doctor said sometimes you're just genetically prone. odd isn't it? but that curse is broken over my generation in jesus name! every generational curse that was passed down to me has been broken and i stand on that! amen!

so many people have gone to see my mom and pray with her. it's just blessed her socks off to know how many people care. i've been working my little tushy off at home to keep things going. i did all the laundry today and took care of all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. i'm so domesticated! haha! yeah right.

i went into work today for a couple hours and processed a bunch of the orders so my job would be easier tomorrow. monday's are stressful enough! somehow i gotta figure out how to get my work done and my mom's while she's out. we really need to hire someone to do some of her work. it's too much for her anyway. but that's another story.

i'm gonna hit the sack! it's been a long weekend.

God is good! thank you all for your comments and prayers! i appreciate it more than you know. God bless!
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