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January 29th, 2004

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anybody else like watching "the apprentice?" i don't particularly care for donald trump but i love the whole concept of the show. i kinda think i'd do well on that show... maybe not but i'd at least like to think so. :)

i can't wait for next weekend! i'm going away with a bunch of my friends to their cabin. we're gonna go tubing and play games and hang out. it'll be so nice to just chill. i'm excited about tubing. i love it! so fun!

this weekend is gonna be tiring but good. i have a seminar to attend tomorrow night and all day saturday. it's a seminar about equipping young people and i'm going because of my involvement with our churches youth group. i think it'll be really good. then we have a guest speaker at church on sunday morning. he's also speaking sunday night so i get to double dip. oh yeah.

i think i'm gonna go watch my alias dvd's. gotta love it.

love you guys! have a great weekend. :)

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grateful grateful
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