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January 27th, 2004

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i'm tired of it being cold! usually i like winter and i like winter storms but i've come to the conclusion that it's only fun when you get off school or work. and seeing as how my dad's got a 4wd truck we always make it into work! yippee...

can't i get a 2 hour delay?

guess not!

i'm so tired today. it was a busy day but i got a lot done so it's all good.

every time i watch american idol i kick myself for not trying out. not that my goal is to be the american idol... granted i want to record some day but for different reasons. i just can't believe some of the people that tried out and i just wanna know what the judges would have said to me. i know whatever they would say wouldn't really affect me, but i'm just curious.

this is a really odd post. i'm tired thus the rambling.

please excuse me.

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silly silly
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