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January 26th, 2004

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i need to update more. i'm getting terrible at this! i used to be so faithful... well i am still faithful to read everyone elses journals. i just can't seem to find time to write in my own!

guess what?!! i'm going on a cruise! i'm so excited! kate and i wanted to do something over her spring break and i told some friends at church that we were looking to go somewhere and they called tonight and said they found this deal for a weeklong cruise over spring break to the eastern caribbean. so we're going! how great is that? i've always wanted to go on a cruise. of course we all know what that means... i need to start my firm videos. haha! this'll give me some motivation. it'll be so nice to lay out on the beach and get tan again. i got so tan in the bahamas last summer and it would be so nice to look like that in mid-march. :) we'll see!

my family and i had a great time in san diego on our vacation. it was relaxing and it was so nice to just get away. we went to sea world and it was so awesome. that was probably my favorite part of the trip. that and the massage we got at the hotel. oh yeah! we stayed at the hotel del coronado on coronado island and it was great. we all had full ocean view suites... very nice. if you wanna see the hotel you can go to their website here: hotel del.

life's good. i just started playing volleyball in this new league with some new people and it's fun. we were supposed to have a game tonight but with all this snow it got cancelled (of course). i'm really busy with church stuff. i've been helping out with some other "young adults" at church to get the youth group up and running again. we've got some seriously hurting kids in our church and they respond well to us so i really hope God can use us to minister some life into them. it's going good so far so praise God! i'm also our worship pastor's little assistant. haha! i help him with all the scheduling and keep him organized and stuff. it's fun but it takes up more time. all good though.

and then there's work. it's good. some days i love my job... other days i don't. i like when i get to be really creative and just go. God just keeps blessing the business though and i'm amazed at where God's taken us.

MICHELLE- kesh and i are coming to tulsa on feb 19-22. it's homecoming weekend at ORU i think... so we will definately come see you or something. kesh lived in claudius for her first year and i think she wants to get together with some people... so let me know when we might be able to get together. do you have a cell phone there? if so, email me your number k?

i gotta get off this thing! it's time for me to go to bed!!!

but before i go... a little picture for the road. it's me, my little brother stephen and my little sister kate (aka krazykurlz. we were standing on the balcony at the hotel with obviously the pacific ocean behind us. not the best picture but it'll have to do for now. hopefully i can get more up later.

love you guys! kudos to those of you that read it all! don- i miss you and love you buddy. i hope you're doing well. forgive me for not calling in forever.


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