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November 20th, 2003

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i had so much lj catching up to do... and i didn't even get to read everything. just too tired. last weekend was so fun. we got a new puppy! she's a yorkshire terrier (just like the dog we currently have) and she's 13 weeks old. her name's daisy and she's so spunky and full of life. it's awesome. snickers, our first dog can't stand her. she loves to piss him off. it's kinda funny but i hope they'll end up liking each other. i hate to see snickers get so mad. haha.

oh and guess what!?! daisy had a sister and they were the only 2 left in the litter so my daddy bought 2 and we gave the other one to my best friend lyryn! she was so excited cause she's been wanting a dog for so long. it was great. we surprised her. so now our dogs can get together to play! how cute is that? :)

i'm so glad tomorrow is friday and i'm so glad next week is thanksgiving! a couple days off of work- sweeeeeeeeet! and next friday is our annual Euchre tournament with all my friends. it's gonna be so much fun.

how much did the bachelor suck last night? estella? what the heck! kelly jo all the way! she better be the next bachelorette! lol!

alright. peace y'all!
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