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October 31st, 2003

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i don't know why i don't write in this more! no motivation i suppose.

i went up and saw kate on wednesday night. it was fun. here's what she wrote in her lj: fun day fun day! fun day! suze came up! yay for fun. i love her ;-) and i love when she comes to visit me!

awww! how sweet. *tear*


i hung out with lyryn tonite. she taped OC last night so we watched that and made smores on her awesome smore maker. she didn't have hershey bars so we used hershey kisses! we're so creative. ;)

i don't know why i'm still up!

so tomorrow's halloween. got a few options... there's a kirk franklin concert in harrisburg... that scary place in philly lyryn wants me to go to... the church "hallelujah" party... little kids... hayrides. i'm actually leaning more towards that. haha! i need a life. seriously.

my brother and sister-in-law called isaac hanson today to see if they can get a few tickets for their new york show next week. i hope we get to go. that would be fun! i need to ask them tomorrow if they got a hold of him. kesh said they usually do letterman when they're in NY, but she wasn't sure. we'll see i guess.

ok i'm done!

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