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October 17th, 2003

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do not go see the texas chainsaw massacre. waste of time and money. i walked out. then again i hate horror movies. this was just beyond horrible. ridiculously horrible. ugh.

in other news... dad traded in the 350z! for an m3. hot dog that car is sweet. and it has a backseat so more than 2 people can ride in it. if you wanna see it click here. that's not my picture, i stole it from bmw's site. but that's what it looks like. it's stick but there's no clutch! and it has these pedal things on the steering wheel to shift. it is so cool. hopefully dad lets me drive it... we shall see.

this weekend is gonna be busy! i'm going out to breakfast with the fam tomorrow. i don't have to work which is good. i have some errands to run and about 10 things to do tomorrow night. i just have to prioritize... which i suck at doing. why does everything i wanna do happen on the same night? always!

mom got a new car today too! her lease is up for her maxima so she got a nissan murano. it's really nice. drives super smooth. it was time for mom to move up to an suv. besides, with the winters the way they've been she needs something reliable.

and why am i rambling on about this?

i don't know.

i didn't eat dinner and now i'm hungry. oh well.

bill it was nice talking to you for like a second. ;)

hope you guys have a nice weekend! mwah mwah mwah.

much love.
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hungry hungry
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