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September 21st, 2003

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where did this weekend go?

having no power sucked... but having a generator isn't so bad. dad wanted to turn on the floodlights and rub it in with the neighborhood that we were living in luxury while they were reading by candlelight. i didn't think it was a good idea. haha. it was funny though.

i saw matchstick men on saturday. i didn't enjoy it till the end. it was one of those movies like sixth sense where you go "why didn't i figure that out sooner!?!?" i like nicholas cage though... so if you're bored and you have some free time- take a pretty girl and go see it. unless you are a pretty girl and in that case, take a pretty guy. ;)

lyryn's family bridal shower was today. shoot me! it was nice, but families are stressful sometimes. i'm gonna try and make the shower i'm planning as chill as possible. stress free. i went over to her apartment afterwards and washed all the new kitchen stuff she got- dishes, measuring cups, bowls, etc. i'm such a good friend.

that's about all i feel like writing.

oh wait!

i'm beautiful.

that is all. :)
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