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July 1st, 2003

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i'm so not in the mood to update. i don't know why i'm even on this stupid machine. i hate it sometimes.

i saw the surgeon again today. we scheduled the surgery for august 8th. lyryn's doing it, too- same day and everything. the doc said we can even have the same room in the hospital (we have to stay 1 night). it'll be cool knowing we're going through it together.

josh is in town for a few days. that boy's been in and out of my life for a couple years now. i just gotta figure out a way to keep him there. he's interviewing for a teaching job around here which is awesome. here is better than 6 hours away which is where he is now.

i need to stop wanting a boy. haha

i totally need my bed.

and my dog.

and goodnite.

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restless restless
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