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June 9th, 2003

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i really shouldn't use this journal to complain in! somehow that always ends up coming out in my entries. i hate that.

i worked really hard today. lyryn was sick today and kate was sick this morning so i basically did the job of 3 people until kate came in around 11. thank God the phones weren't going too crazy this morning. if they were i would have been pulling my hair out.

during the afternoon i worked my butt off getting things packed for the fire expo next week. i was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. thank God declan was helping me. i was getting so tired of lifting boxes.

i went to chi-chi's with my mom and kate. we went to the mall and i bought a super cute pair of flip-flops at express. they're great! i can't wait to wear 'em.

alright this entry is sooooooooo boring!

i'm out.

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