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March 29th, 2003

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i haven't worked out at all in almost 2 weeks and i feel disgusting. i've been eating crappy too and i know it. i was doing so good and i feel like i'm back where i started. so lame. i hate the lack of self-discipline when it comes to this. maybe i've just been stressed out. i don't know.

i'm just bummed cause i was doing so good.

watched 8 mile tonite and it was terrible! such a waste of time. i laughed a couple times but the rest of the time i felt horrible for even watching. not to mention i was the only single person (besides children under 11) at lyryn's tonite. lauren and brent were all over each other... declan and katie were lounging on the recliner... lyryn was leaning on jesse... even mr and mrs balla were holding hands! what the heck.

i can't handle this. i need to just stay in my room forever and not hang out with sappy love birds. :)

or not.

i'm not in a bad mood so i hope no one's taking it like that. i'm just having an ugly day... and ugly week. my straightener broke and i haven't been able to straighten my hair in 3 weeks... i hate the length my hair's at now. i think it looks better short, but then again i want it long for lyryn's wedding. i'm so confused. i have no idea what i want!!! lol

i'm a nutcase who just wants to be in love. is that too much to ask?


i did have fun tonite though. lyryn's foster sister leigha was so cute. it was her birthday and kate and i got her the cutest outfit ever. she looked so hot and she's only 7. haha. it was fun.

tomorrow i have a lot of work to do with my dad. we're packing up the store cause we have a trade show next week in indianapolis. we're leaving monday morning and we'll be back the following sunday. it'll be fun to get away. i'm just not looking forward to the 12 hour drive. yuck.

my little brother made the 7th grade baseball team at school. i'm so proud of him! they only picked 15 kids out of 52 that tried out. awesome.

i'm writing way too much...

and it's too late. i need to go to bed. goodnite!

love you all!
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awake awake
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all i can hear is rap after that movie...
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oh yeah. i got an email from compassion today. they're having a sponsor trip to haiti in november. how awesome would it be to see the little girl that i've been sponsoring for 2 years!?!? i told my mom and she thought it sounded cool so i'm gonna get more info.
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