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February 22nd, 2003

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i changed my journal layout today! if you get a chance to go to my journal and check it out- do it! i really like it. :)

today was a boring day...

work was so slow today. lyryn and i hardly had enough to keep us busy. after work i came home and my brother and i had to dig a trench through our backyard. It was pouring rain today and all the snow was melting and our basement was flooding. so we had to dig a 2ft wide trench through the backyard so the water would run away from the house. it was horrible! my feet were completely soaked and i could barely feel them. lol

at least the basement stopped flooding. ;)

then i just kind of chilled at home... been on and offline... watched some tv... nothing exciting at all...

i have to get up early for church tomorrow cause it's my turn to sing which means i have to be there an hour early for practice. after church i'm going out with lyryn and the girls in her bridal party... everyone's getting sized for their dresses. hopefully we'll make it back in time for church tomorrow night. i'll be incredibly bummed if we miss it...

i suppose that's it for now. nothing too terribly exciting.
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tired tired
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creation- vineyard
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