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February 13th, 2003

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i'm a fool to still be awake. darn this computer.

i am addicted to pyramid solitaire. it's terrible. i start and i can't stop. my eyes are barely open and it's taking all my willpower to not press the "play again" button. haha

i will resist.

i got to talk to my friend troy on aim tonite. he's in thailand on missions. when i talked to him it was 11 in the morning tomorrow. pretty funny when you think about it...

he asked me to get his mom and sister flowers for v-day cause he's away from home. of course i'll help. i just need to remember. hopefully this will serve as my reminder...

alright i am beat. goodnite.

and thank you for all my comments. i love getting email saying i have an lj comment. such love i feel.

Current Mood:
sleepy sleepy
Current Music:
vineyard- what love is this
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