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January 24th, 2003

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ok. everyone i know is either in a serious dating relationship, engaged or freaking married. ok so maybe not EVERYONE, but it sure as heck feels like it. lol. lyryn and jesse are tying the knot at the end of this year... on valentines day kate and declan have their one year... ugh.

and then there's sue...


i'm such a loser! wallowing in self pity is what i do best. lol. just kidding. i'm not depressed... really. i'm happy for my friends. it'd just be nice to have someone like everyone else. but my time will come... not soon enough, but it'll come.

so lyryn, kate and i went wedding shopping tonite. we tried on the bridesmaid dresses lyryn picked out. they're awesome. lyryn tried on 5 wedding gowns. she looked amazing in every one. made me wanna puke. haha. j/k. i think she found the one she wants... and it's only 500 hundred bucks. pretty cheap considering it looks like it should sell for a thousand. :)

tonite kate goes to me- "every morning when you wake up pray and ask God to bring a man into your life." haha. i was like... "umm ok- but you and lyryn have to pray it, too cause where 2 or more are gathered..." haha. it was funny.

it's sorta snowing... it probably won't amount to much though.

i bought a relaxer for my hair. i'll do it this weekend. i'm so sick of the time it takes me to straighten my hair. kate used it and it made a huge difference. i hate my hair curly and so does everyone else so i'm fine with having it straight all the time.

i know you all care about my hair issues... so i'll stop.

thanks for the comments. it's nice to be missed!

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india arie
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i have a lot of friends that don't update. i should probably weed through my friends list... but i don't really feel like it. i hate having an unbalanced friends list- between friends and friends of. i know you guys know what i mean.

i bought 2 movies today! i bought "about a boy" and "bourne identity." i bought bourne identity for dan though.

going out with some of the fam tonite. we're gonna get a yummy dinner at our fav friday nite hangout. after dinner we'll move to the bar where my dad and dan will have a cigar and i'll be the only one not old enough to enjoy an alcoholic beverage. dangit. i can't wait to be 21. not cause i wanna get drunk. it'd just be to nice to enjoy a drink in public every once in a while. haha

alright... that's about it for now.

hope everyone has a nice nite!

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hungry hungry
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