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January 22nd, 2003

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wow! i suck at lj lately. lol. i really miss it though. life's busy but not busy... i'm not sure if i even really have a good excuse. i do miss writing out my thoughts and feelings and getting comments on it... haha.

i got a new laptop today! and i have internet connection in my bedroom so hopefully i will be updating more from the privacy of my room. awesome! the computer's so nice. it's got maaaaaaad space in it and it's super fast.

work is going really good. we got our new site up and running- www.thefirestore.com. check it out if you've got time... although you won't find it interesting unless you're a firefighter... but still. DON- you of all people needs to check it out... cause you've worked with us for a few days. you know how it is. it's just made life a lot easier. we don't have to type orders anymore. they come through already processed. it's great. now i can spend more time updating the site with new products and pictures and stuff. much fun.

boy scene still isn't looking so great. i could go into details for that but i don't feel like making this a friends-only entry so i won't. you never know who's gonna read what you write. i dunno. maybe i'll write about it later.

i'm hooked on bachelorette. trista's the luckiest girl in the world. the guys on that show are so awesome. gives me hope that there still is some really great available guys out there. of course knowing how long trista's been single doesn't always give you much hope. she's super cool and gorgeous... so yeah

i guess that's all i'm gonna write about for now...

peace love and chicken grease... errrr yeah. something like that.

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exanimate exanimate
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dan practicing his songs in the kitchen
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