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November 11th, 2002

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today was a pretty good day for a monday...

work was super busy. we processed 222 credit card orders today! totally a new record... that was a lot. my fingers should be sore from all the typing i did... but they're not... hooray!

kate and lyr and i went out to dinner at chi-chi's. we had some pretty deep discussions about life and destiny and God. it was good. we just talked about how blind the world is to not see the hope there is in trusting in christ. i realize God has to open their eyes but sometimes you wanna grab people by the shirt and go "hello! there is a God! He does love you and have a plan for your life!" i dunno. makes me wanna be a better christian...

then i went to kate's volleyball game. they won all 3 matches. hooray for them! it was fun. i went to mustard seed and bought a couple books and a cd. fun fun.

dan was over when i came home. he was really nice. he's going into the studio next week to record a 5 song cd... hope it goes well for him. that's pretty exciting. :) can't wait till it's my turn... haha. someday!

i'm gonna go read now.

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