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November 10th, 2002

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i wish i had more "down time" on weekends. they're always jam packed with stuff and then on sunday nite i'm like "man... i didn't even get to relax..."

that sucks.

oh well.

saturday nite i went to a party for a lady at my church. it was her 50th birthday and she had a 50's theme party. it was all adults. i went and took pictures and videotaped a bunch of it. it was fun though. my parents looked so cute. i don't have any good pics of my dad but i'm gonna post one of my mom. my parents won the costume contest though! they were so excited. it was so cute.

how cute is she!?!?

so that was fun...

i had to teach sunday school this morning and the kids were crazy as usual. some of the things that came out of their mouths was so funny though. it was all me and the other teacher could do to keep from laughing... kids are awesome.

after church kate and i went out to eat at a new restaurant called 'max & erma's.' it was good. i worked on a scrapbook this afternoon and then i went to church tonite. the service was soooo good. the worship was INCREDIBLE! i felt so free just worshipping God and God gave me such a peace about things i'd been worrying about. it was so great.

afterwards i went up to dan and gave him a hug. it was good. my mom was proud. i don't wanna hold a grudge. i genuinely care about him and i'm just gonna show him that. yup...

after church i went out to dinner with lyryn, jesse, brent, declan, justin and kate... and this new friend of ours, chris came with us. he's a cool guy. lyryn's been talking to him a lot apparently (although she's mentioned no word of it to me... odd) cause she knew all about his plans for the weekend and all kinds of stuff. kinda surprising. you should have seen the look on his face when he found out she had a boyfriend and he was coming to dinner. poor guy. i don't blame him. lyryn acted interested... any guy would of though that... a girl calls you.. invited you to hang out... what else would he think? it was weird.

and this is my journal and that's why i'm writing what i think... people can comment all they want... if i can't even write in my own journal then what's the point in keeping one?

i'm in a good mood all the sudden... i hope i have a good week...
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