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September 26th, 2002

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it's 9:12 am. i went to bed at 2:18 am. ugh. definately not enough sleep. but praise God i'm not that tired. it could be worse.

bible study was good last nite. it was mainly worship and prayer. i needed some time to just talk to God so it was nice. when i got home dan was there. we all hung out in the kitchen and talked. dad wimped out and went to bed early. :) i can understand though cause he gets up at 5 every morning to do his devotions. i give him mad props for that. i couldn't get up that early. no way jose.

so eventually it just dwindled down to mom, dan and i. he pulled out his guitar and yes i sang... lol. it was fun though. dan is too kind. sometimes it's so hard to receive compliments. he was definately fishin' em out. haha. so we sang for a while... talked for a while... got into spiritual discussions... talked more. and then the 3 of us prayed. it was really really awesome. we are so opposite in a lot of things... it's rather funny. :)

God is good (again). i enjoyed myself. haven't gotten to talk like that for a while. i miss those stay up late conversations. they're always the best and you never want them to end. yeah...

i have 2 volleyball games tonite... and dan's also playing at a coffeehouse in philly. decisions decisions. i can't do both. ahhh. i hate having to pick. i hate disappointing someone. lame lame lame.

i need to start working... :)

later all!
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hungry hungry
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what a long night... i'm so tired i can't even write about it.


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sleepy sleepy
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