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August 17th, 2002

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lyryn loved her room! hooray! and she was surprised! it was awesome. we all cried. i'll have to put up some before and after pictures. you won't believe the transformation. everyone says we should go into the re-decorating business. yeah right! that's some serious work. lol. no lie though. a lot of people were like "will you do my room? how much can i pay you?" lol. it was awesome.

after the party we all went to the movies and saw blue crush. i wanna be a hot surfer chick. darn those girls were cute. i liked the movie... especially the romantic stuff. aww shucks. haha

i'm so excited about tomorrow! steve's gonna be here! yay! he's our church's former worship leader and youth minister. he moved to nashville to pursue his career. and guess whose turn it is to sing on worship team? mine! yay! i love singing with steve. i'm so blessed.

i am so beat from the last few days. i'm treating myself to a pedicure today at 2. go me. i deserve it.

i'm at work now... and it's pointless cause our system's down. i'm not doing anything... oh well. it's money in my pocket. ;)

alrighty i'm out.
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