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August 16th, 2002

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oh my oh my oh my.

this week has been sooooooooooo out of control. it really has. my body is just dragging today. lyryn has been away in atlantic city since wednesday. my mom, kate and i totally re-did her room. it looks so awesome. i have to take pics with my digital camera and show you before and afters. you won't believe it. it's soooooooooooooooo cute. we are so good. i should be an interior decorater... haha... siiiiiiiiike

she's gonna be soooooooooo surprised. i can't wait! her surprise party is tonite. then we'll show her the room. there is no doubt in my mind that she'll like it. she can't not. if she does- i'll kill her. haha.

i can't wait till the end of the month! my brother and his wife are coming here to PA for a reception with friends and family here to celebrate their marriage. we rented a tent... it's gonna be so supah fun. oh yes.

i just want 5:30 to get here. we all came in early to work so we can leave early for the party. i need to go to walmart and pickup the cake before the party. walmart rocks! we just had 2 built near my house. awesome.

i better just say this now cause i know lyryn will look at this later and yell at me if i don't. haha

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYRYN!!! (a day late.. hehe)

hope y'all have a nice weekend!
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