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August 5th, 2002

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life's busy... i don't know what else to say. i just don't get online that much anymore. so yeah...

happy late birthday to my behbeh don! sorry i didn't get online to write anything. but i'm glad you answered your phone. and your present still hasn't come. i'm so so sorry. anyway- i miss you. we need to figure something out... wanna meet in missouri? haha.. j/k

i went to a prophetic worship conference on friday and saturday and it was soooooo awesome. God did so much. i got to meet some truly amazing people. it was really good. i'm so glad i got to go. God's really doing some great things in my heart. i'm so excited about what's in store.

i'm thinking of editing my friends list. unfortunately i just don't read everyone's lj anymore... i don't have time. so don't get offended if i take you off. it really is nothing personal...

time for this girl to go to bed.

nite all

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sore sore
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